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In this video, we’re giving you a license to become a JACKED weightlifter and reasons why bodybuilding and accessory exercises are critical for your long term success.

If your weightlifting program doesn’t include accessory exercises that challenge you in a variety of strength training domains, you’re leaving serious gains on the table.

I have roots in the Bulgarian System, where accessory work and non-weightlifting movements are frowned upon. After implementing this system early on with the Cal Strength Weightlifting Team, we quickly figured out that success is situational and that exercise variation was going to play a key role in the success of American athletes.

Moving forward to the Cal Strength System we implement today, we use a targeted approach to accessory exercises knowing that there are many benefits to be gained including:

1. Opportunities to build in Prehab / Rehab
2. Lymphatic Flushing
3. Promote Connective Tissue Health
4. Improving Aesthetics While Maintaining Functionality
5. Filling Out Weight Classes (By Adding Muscle)
6. Giving Female Lifters Additional Musculature Focused on the Upper Body

What type of training modality is best for accessory work? The Cal Strength approach to bodybuilding is structured in the following way:

Upper Body: Push vs. Pull
Lower Body: Squat vs. Hinge
Unilateral vs. Bilateral
Concentric vs. Eccentric vs. Isometric
Ballistic vs. Time Under Tension

Ways to add Variation to your Accessory Work:
1. Shorten Rest Periods
2. Utilize Difference Intensities
3. Sets To Failure Superset Pairs
4. Conditioning Sets with Multiple Exercises
5. Work Outside the Classic 3×10 Rep Range

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Video Timestamps
0:00 – Your License To Become A Jacked Weightlifter
0:33 – Lessons Learned from the Bulgarian & Russian Systems
1:20 – Benefits of Accessory Exercises For Weightlifters
2:00 – Cal Strength Approach To Bodybuilding & Program Design
2:42 – Push vs. Pull, Squat vs. Hinge
2:49 – Unilateral vs. Bilateral
2:59 – Concentric, Eccentric, Isometric
3:28 – How To Add Variation To Your Program With Accessory Exercises

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