Isometric Back – Shoulders – Biceps Bodybuilding Workouts – Chiseled – Ep. 292

Exercises – Chiseled ISO Back and Shoulders

Get ready for a great Chiseled Back & shoulders Workout. All that’s needed are Bodylastics bands, about 35 minutes and you!

Warm Up


1 set Straight arm lat extension
2 sets Assisted Pull up – 15 Reps/Iso/2 Reps
2 sets 2 arm Squated back row low – 15 Reps/Iso/2 Reps
3 minutes back extension


2 sets Side plank lateral raise – 15 Reps/Iso/2 Reps
2 sets Rear Shoulder Pull – 15 Reps/Iso/2 Reps
2 sets Shoulder press – 15 Reps/Iso/2 Reps

Week 1 weak point muscle group – Biceps
2 sets Standing Biceps curl – 5 reps fast/5 slow/5 normal speed

Cool Down

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